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Just PRO MD15 Electric Guitar Amplifier

Just PRO MD15 Electric Guitar Amplifier

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The pre-level part provides 6 commonly used timbre effects, allowing you to quickly get the most intuitive timbre experience of various music styles, including:


 Clean has a clear and translucent sound like crystal glass of fender tube speaker;

Crunch has a little dirty distortion sound effect, full of spatial dynamics of signal collision in the tube

Overdrive 1 is cold but affectionate, very suitable for the clear and cold British rock sound;

Overdrive 2 has a full and thick American rock effect, which can easily get a sweet and mellow overdrive sound by boosting the high frequency

 Metal's enthusiastic and hot 80s traditional old gun high gain distortion sound;

- Heavy metal The sharp modern extreme heavy metal sound as if breaking away from the hands and cutting off everything.


Simply put, the MD-15 electric guitar amplifier is an all-rounder. The above 6 tone effects cover almost all music styles such as pop, blues, rock, and heavy metal. You can use it to play any style of song.


The 8 peripheral effects of MD-15 can be used with any tone effect, which can add different emotional colors to your music, including:


- Chorus, a sweet and lingering chorus effect like a lover;


- Flanger swing effect made by Flanger old-fashioned tape opener;


- Phaser is a very violent and wild phase effect like a jet plane passing through the sound barrier;


- Tremol's elegant and sad tremolo effect;


- Delay warm and natural analog delay effect;


- D-Delay clear and clean digital delay effect;

M-Delay is full of jumpy multi-shot delay;



- Reverb The reverberation effect of distance and space.


Technical specifications

Sampling frequency: 48KHz
A/DD/A conversion accuracy: 16Bit
Signal processing accuracy: 32Bit
input resistance: 1 MΩ
AUX/MP3 input impedance: -10dbu
HEADPHONES output power: 0.5W
speaker: 6.5 inches
display: LCD liquid crystal display
Tuning range: (EO 20.60Hz)-(C8 4186Hz)
Reference pitch: A4=440Hz
power supply: Alkaline battery "AA X 8" DC 12V, 1.3A adapter
Battery life:

Alkaline battery about 4 hours

Ni-MH battery about 5 hours

Output Power11E4015BGM4 15W


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