What is it?

The ToneWoodAmp is a revolutionary device that uses an acoustic guitar's own body and soundhole to create a range of enhancement effects.

No amp. No cables. No effects pedals. And yet, all the same benefits!

There's nothing else like it—the first and only, the ToneWoodAmp is a must-have device for any acoustic guitar player.

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  • "Coolest Acoustic Guitar Gizmo"

  • "opens up a world of unplugged sounds"

  • "the best 250$ a guitarist can spend"

How it works

The ToneWoodAmp uses patented technology to vibrate the back of virtually any acoustic guitar, creating the sound effects you know and love — no need for an amp!

  • Tremolo

With the ToneWoodAmp, you preserve your instrument’s own unique voice, enhance its performance, and infinitely expand its capabilities for an unparalleled playing and listening experience.

"It is still by far the best creative tool for guitar that I have ever owned...I never play my Taylor without it."

Why you’ll love it


It’s not just a product, it’s a full-on sensory experience! At home, in a recording studio or on a mountaintop, the ToneWoodAmp transforms your world into one big concert hall with virtually any acoustic guitar, anytime, anywhere.

It inspires new sounds and songs, travels easy, defeats writer’s block, makes practicing fun again, and it’s great for intimate gigs at coffee shops, house concerts and even intimate worship settings...it will mesmerize you and your audience.

We love to feature players like you, see our #TONEHEAD videos where players like you get recognized. (Use #ToneWoodAmp on your posts to show us what you’re playing.)

Who is it for?

ANY acoustic guitar player! Our customers are beginners and hobbyists, professionals, and virtuosos, guitar nerds (we count ourselves proud members of this tribe), singers, songwriters, producers, and so much more.

"My new record was composed entirely with the
ToneWoodAmp. It’s changed the game, it's an
inspiration box. Every acoustic player needs this in their life!"

—Mike Dawes

Features & Install

The ToneWoodAmp is quick & easy to install. No tools, no permanent impact on your guitar, and it switches easily between instruments. All you need is a guitar with a pickup. Don’t have a pickup? We’ve got you covered with our bundles.


  • 8 programmable effects with 10 memory locations each
  • 3 parameters per effect
  • Volume and gain per effect
  • 1/4" input from guitar
  • 1/4" output for amplifier (when used on stage, the TWA doubles as a multi-effects processor)
  • 1/8” insert jack for iOS audio/MIDI apps (iDevice cable sold separately (iDevice cable sold separately)
  • Powered by 3x AA Alkaline or Rechargeable batteries
  • Works with any flat-back or slightly arched-back Acosutic guitar
  • Attaches/detaches magnetically—purchase extra X-braces and use the ToneWoodAmp on all your guitars.
  • 60 days return (only from ToneWoodAmp.com) 
  • 1 year warranty (or 2 years extended warranty)

Mini FAQ

  • How Does It Attach? - No Drills or mods! Attaches magnetically.
  • How Difficult Is The Install? - Easy! No Tools Needed, Install takes 5-10 minutes!
  • Is it Removable? - Yes! Attaching/detaching takes 2 seconds.
  • Does It Get In The Way? - No! The install location is out to the side of your body.
  • Does It Cause Any Damage To My Instrument? - No! All points of contact are padded.
  • Will It Work With My Acoustic Guitar? - Have a soundhole? Have a pickup? Have a Flat Back? Yes!
  • Can I Use It On Stage? - Yes! There is an Output to an Amp or PA.
  • What Kind Of Batteries Does It Use? - 3 AA Alkaline or Rechargeable Batteries. See recommendations here.
  • Is There A User Manual? - Yes! Video and PDF. Find it here.
  • What Is Your Warranty? - Best in the biz! 60-Day Return and a 1-Year Warranty.