Shipping policy


We, at Urooj Music are delighted to know that you are interested in Purchasing our products. Before you move forward here is a short note on our shipping policies. 


We are a Quality driven company and are committed to deliver nothing but the best to our clients. In pursuit of that we try to source out the best products for you’ll and along with that we try to be as competitive as possible with regards to our pricing. However we have constraints and hence we do have to charge you for shipping the product. The reason we are putting this note is because we have been getting a lot of emails from buyers regarding the same and moving forward we would like to make you aware of this firsthand. Now we understand when you make your purchases from E commerce websites, they factor in all costs including shipping but unfortunately we are not equipped to offer the same. Rest assured our products are of very good Quality and we do not compare ourselves with the Brands available on those websites.


We require 2-4 working days before shipping out a product , this depends upon the pending orders with us, we require these days to check each guitar and set it up after which we proceed with shipping. 

Minimum time required by our courier partners are 8-10 days depending upon the pin code, some locations it can be faster.